Gladstone Country Music Club

In February this year, a local group of enthusiastic country music lovers’ held their second annual Festival at the Entertainment Centre.  Of course, I was working the entire weekend…

But I did keep a cutting from the paper, which I immediately lost.  Then during a clean up of Littlest Princesses room, the cutting fell out of a colouring-in book, and I immediately tracked down the bloke in the photo, Rob Hopkins.

I called him last week, initially to ask a few questions about music publishing, recording etc., and he told me that they have a meeting each week at the Railway Workers Hall up town, where enthusiastic people gather to sing and play songs with the backing of a live band. 

My curiosity was piqued, so after work last night I poked my head in for a look.  The Littlest Princess tagged along, because she has learned that daddy is having adventures without her! 

Well, entry to the hall was $3, and for this you got a feed, a ticket in several prize draws, and the chance to listen to a stack of locals ‘having a crack’ at singing their favourite country songs.  Making our way through the crowd seated at tables around the hall, we found some friends I hadn’t seen in years, then tuned in to the band and the many volunteers getting up and singing / playing. 

An untouched photo of me 4 years ago taking a break from torturing my neighbours. By the second song they had not only given our dog back, but had planted a 'For Sale' sign in their yard.

Some of the singers were a bit off key, and there were a few false starts, but the enthusiasm of the players, and the overwhelming support of the crowd really impressed me.  Like all these events, there are the excellent, the good, and the ‘different’, but overall, the mood was one of relaxed fun and total encouragement.  People dancing, clapping, and singing along.  Young and old alike.  Even the Littlest Princess got me up and dancing… and no one threw furniture at us!  How nice are these people?! 

I didn’t play or sing, last night, until I got home, then I sang up a storm, hammering away at my guitar until an annoyed teenager told me ‘quieten down’ as it was a school night. 
Kids today…

I’m hooked.  The Littlest Princess was hooked.  She is making plans for us to make our debut.  Soon… apparently. 

Well, they’ve seen me dance, so it couldn’t possibly get any worse than that 🙂

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