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Classic Novels I’ve Never Finished Reading

Today I returned Herman Melville’s ‘Moby Dick’ to the library.  Another classic novel returned unfinished.  I’ll watch the movie instead 🙂

I just couldn’t do it.  I thought it waffled, waverd, and diverted too much, and somewhere around the halfway mark, I thought, “Nope, I’m outta here.”

I’ve added Moby Dick to an ever expanding list of novels I will never pick up again:  Catcher in the Rye (Jesus, this guy had some problems!), Cloudstreet (I ended speed reading through it, and actually cheered when the hero suicided at the end), James Joyce’ Ulysses (nightmare), anything by Peter Carey (I’ve yet to read his Kelly Gang novel, but my previous experiences in ‘Carey Land’ have put me off wanting to read it), and War and Peace (the sheer size of this volume makes it a nightmare to cart to work and back each day).  There are many others, but my memory appears loathe to recall the titles.  

 Obviously I’m missing something in each of the above mentioned, but for the life of me I can’t think what it is?!

Not that I’m too concerned.  I like what I like, and others like what they like, ‘And so it goes’ as Kurt Vonnegutt used to say…

But once I did return to a book that I had bought, started then threw away somewhere near Chapter 3; Wilbur Smiths’ ‘When the Lion Feeds’.  I mentioned to several people that I couldn’t see what all the fuss was about, and was roundly abused by Wilbur’s fans.  So much so, that I hada re-think.  The bloke had a swag of novels, most of them bestsellers, so I concluded that there must be something in his scribbling worth looking at. 

I found the book, re-read it, and fell under Wil’s spell.  I read them all.  Then re-read some favourites.  Some of them, I ended up tossing after starting (River God) but for the most part, I remain impressed. 

Never say Never!  Who knows, I might even have another crack at Moby Dick sometime down the track… you never know.


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Normal Service Will Be Resumed Shortly

Well, it better be worth it!

Things have been a bit quiet here at, as I’ve started a new job, and am currently enjoying the many challenges this has entailed.  Plus my column spot in Monday’s paper is being used to promote the Gladstone Harbour Festival.  Easter is Harbour Festival time in Gladstone, and has to be the greatest time to visit our fair city.  For an entire week we have one hell of a party!   

In the meantime, I’ll be using this brief column writing break to hammer out a few backup columns, and make a fresh start on my long running novel, as well as doing all the other stuff that a bloke in ‘burbs is expected to do…  when it isn’t raining, too damn humid, or entertaining guests… as one does 🙂 

So I’ll have to get a bit creative with my weekly blog!  Particularly as I’ve been reading some great and interesting books lately. 

Life rolls on…

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New Humorous Column In The Gladstone Observer

Today a new column appeared in The Observer, Thirsty Cow.  It was quite well written, and funny.  This is fortunate for the Cow, because the column was sitting under the sub-heading, ‘Humour’.

My column was bounced today for a local lady who needed some editorial space to write about the upcoming Harbour Festival (seriously, if you can get a room here, it’s the best time to be in Gladstone!).  And tomorrow I have a meeting with the Ed to discuss the future of my column…

Anyway, I checked out Thirsty Cow’s creds’, and couldn’t come up with a web page, or a name, but I did discover that this versatile bovine’s column has been syndicated in The Sunshine Coast Daily, The Examiner and, (I’m assuming here), all the other APN papers up the coast of Qld… and possibly beyond. 

As someone with a bit of a passing interest in funny columns, I’ll be keen to see what the rest of the columns are like are like… from what I can work out online they are: Family Taming, Venus and Mars,  Alternative Universe, and Culture Sparrow. 

Perhaps if I’m real nice, maybe, just maybe, they’ll let me play too!

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