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Agnes Waters / 1770 Dreaming

You know, I’ve been thinking lately…

On Saturday, the Littlest Princess and I drove down to Agnes / 1770.  Great day; beach, sun, fun, dolphins playing, laughing and yakking with the Littlest Princess, and me sneezing my head off… ok, the sneezing bit wasn’t too great, but the rest of the day was pretty good 🙂

I saw a wide range of folk on the sand. Backpackers, tourists, rich, poor, surfers, caravanners, day trippers, etc. All of them stripped to the bare minimum of clothing, and all having fun… even the bloke sneezing his brains out 😕

As humans, we need so little to have fun. To be able to share, talk, touch, walk, think, sing, and sit. I saw old beach shacks which you couldn’t give away when I was a kid, now you couldn’t afford them, (or the yearly rates $5000 plus!!!), and I remembered visiting folk who lived in them. 

They had kero fridges, an old radio propped up in the corner near an open window to get scratchy reception, wood stoves, a bed each, and a comfy chair to read in, or, have a long nanna or poppy sleep in each afternoon.

Mornings were spent doing chores, afternoons were for resting, then evenings were for long strolls along the beach, catching up with the neighbours, then playing some board or card games before bed. Papers were delivered weekly, if you were lucky, and time was measured by seasons, not 15 minute increments.

Food was grown, caught, or bartered. Water was delivered from your own water tank, and the lawn was mowed by a goat. Chooks provided eggs, and the odd roast. You fished, crabbed, prawned, swam, read, cycled, hiked, or explored in your spare time.

Money was something you had a little of just for emergencies, but didn’t rely on. Instead, you had neighbours, friends and family who helped you, and you happily helped them.

Many of them didn’t own a car, they relied on sharing a ride into Bundy or Gladstone. But most of them owned boats. Row boats. Didn’t need to go too far, so you rowed, and thought, or hummed a tune to help keep time.

Kids were involved with everything you did, working, playing, talking. Life was pretty simple. A lot of those old places are for sale, or boarded up now, awaiting demolition for the newer, improved, concrete, steel and glass dwellings that are being built. Few water tanks, no kero fridges.

How far have we come?

I think I’m starting to go all Zen here, but when I got home I walked inside, and thought, ‘Geez we’ve got too much stuff here!’ Which immediately put me in a bad mood 😯  I immediately calmed down, then thought, ‘Ok, you have to start somewhere, start with yourself.’

A garden starts with 1 plant. Diets start with 1 food choice. Fitness starts with 1 walk. Friendships start with 1 conversation. All these things start with 1 decision, the next one you make, then the one after that…. yeah, I’m definitely going all Zen now!

Man, I loooove visiting 1770 😆  It’s good for the soul.  And the best part of my day?  As we drove off the headland aiming for the road back to the highway, the Littlest Princess said, “I like it here Daddy, can we come back and stay a bit longer?”  

Another convert. 

If I hadn’t already had tears in my eyes from the non-stop sneezing…

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