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Rockwiz Road Tour Comes to Gladstone!

Several months ago my wife announced, “I bought you some tickets to see your girlfriend.”  I was a little confused and replied, “Yeah?  Who’s that?” 

“Julia Zemiro is coming to town, so I got two tickets for the Rockwiz show.”

Yippee!  The countdown had begun.  I’m glad she got the tickets when she did, because the show sold out not long afterwards. 

I had two tickets.  The trouble was, my dear wife didn’t want to go, neither did the eldest girls, but the Littlest Princess was keen as mustard.  She and I have spent many a Saturday night lying on the bed reading books, laughing at Iron Chef, then watching Rockwiz.  This is how I spend my weekends now 🙂 

So, I rang the theatre, and they assured me that it would be ok to take a 9 (nearly 10!) year old to the show.  So I asked her, “YES!” was her immediate and super keen reply. 

So last night we rocked up, hoping like hell that Julia was indeed going to star on the night.  Well, I gotta admit, Brian Nankervis had us from the moment he walked on stage.  With the help of some local ‘volunteers’ he had the crowd laughing and hooting from the get go.  For many of us it was an insight into how much fun the taped show must be each week.  Then, the call for contestants was announced.  Under selected seats were taped yellow cards.  We checked, no card.  I was at once relieved and disappointed! 

Soon 20 odd folk were lined up on stage, introduced themselves, and then the fun started.  Brian conducted a quick quizz, from which the contestants were whittled down to the final four.  Among the winners was a deadset ‘freak’ of Rock knowledge.  We went for interval, during which The Littlest Princess said, “Dad, can we pick a team and bet a dollar on who wins?”  I said, “Yep, I’ll take the Right hand side, because the Rock Freak will be on that side.” 

Imagine how I felt when we returned to the show to discover the Rock Freak was seated on the left!  My sorrow was short lived as the band arrived, ripped out some killer intro’s, and had us all pumped up, then Julia hit the stage, and the place went wild.  A packed house of 800 odd people roared, stamped and clapped.  It’s obvious that I’ve got some competition for her favours…

The rest of the show was pretty much as you see it on tele, with a few additions.  The guest stars, Henry Wagon and Vikka Bull were brilliant.  One thing that made me feel particularly proud to be a local was when Vikka took her seat the two men on her team stood up and helped her into her chair, something not seen before in the shows’ history.  We might not be the prettiest or smartest blokes in the country, but geez we’ve got manners! 

Anyway, as an added bonus, Dugald whipped a mic out and Julia announced Paul Kilby from the Church, who came out and sang “Under the Milky Way”.  Brilliant! 

The show went on, and was everything I’d hoped for.  And the Littlest Princess had an absolute blast.  The band were pumping, the singing fantastic, and the humour kept smiles on our faces long after the last note had sounded.

Afterwards we lined up for the autograph session, and I’m looking nervously at my watch;  it’s 11pm, and The Littlest Princess has school tomorrow, and I have to be at work in 5 hours for my first day shift.  Then Julia and Brian spot bub waiting in line and Brian says, “Hey don’t you have school tomorrow?”  TLP nods, and Julia says, “Just come round here, push your way to the front.”  My smile threatened to lift my head off my shoulders!  

Well, TLP got all the autographs from the band, including one from the very talented James Black (my personal guitar hero), and I even got a shot of her and Julia…  fabbo!

My parting question to Julia was, “So, if she ever makes it onto Rockwiz when she’s older, can she make this her first concert?”  Julia laughed and turning to her, said, “9 years from now, you come to Melbourne, get on the show and tell me that your first concert was Rockwiz.”  

The thing is the Littlest Princess doesn’t want to wait 9 years… and neither do I 🙂

Seriously, go see it!  I’m still buzzing…  and so is TLP.


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