Bikie’s Copping It

Our once mighty gang is doing it a bit hard these days

Our once mighty gang is doing it a bit hard these days

Premier Newman is cracking down on outlaw motorcycle gangs.  Apparently if anyone’s going to threaten the driving public, harass small businesses, and run gambling, prostitution and protection rackets, then it’s going to be the State Government and not bikies.

Personally I reckon being a member of an outlaw  bikie gang wouldn’t be a lot of fun.  Being told when and where to ride, what outfit to wear, and which little old ladies to bully isn’t a hobby, it’s a job.

I preferred riding alone, or occasionally with a motley collection of characters (aka: my neighbours).  Sadly, most of our tours ended in long waits in mechanics workshops, or Emergency Wards.  Eventually our little posse was reduced to sitting in a shed drinking dodgy home brew and taking turns to rev our last working scooter.

Real bikies ignored us, but I’ve been watching the stoush between them and cops with interest, and am keen to know where all the extra bikie squad officers are coming from?

Perhaps the Government should think about hiring bikie gangs as law enforcement sub-contractors?  Now before you start wondering if I’ve taken one too many falls off my bike without a helmet, think about this:

There are more gang members than cops, and many of them have had an ‘inside’ education of our legal system.  They’ve got their own vehicles, uniforms, headquarters and more weapons than an American duck hunting party.

Plus, the newly recruited ‘In-Law’ bikies would quickly restore some much needed respect, and quite a lot of fear, to our constabulary.  Especially when word gets out that speeding motorists will not only be fined, but have their vehicle’s panels reshaped on the spot.

And if that fails, the Premier could let them ride shotgun with the mobsters running the biggest racket in our State; House Insurance Providers.  They’d be right at home there.

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