Normal Service Will Be Resumed Shortly

Well, it better be worth it!

Things have been a bit quiet here at, as I’ve started a new job, and am currently enjoying the many challenges this has entailed.  Plus my column spot in Monday’s paper is being used to promote the Gladstone Harbour Festival.  Easter is Harbour Festival time in Gladstone, and has to be the greatest time to visit our fair city.  For an entire week we have one hell of a party!   

In the meantime, I’ll be using this brief column writing break to hammer out a few backup columns, and make a fresh start on my long running novel, as well as doing all the other stuff that a bloke in ‘burbs is expected to do…  when it isn’t raining, too damn humid, or entertaining guests… as one does 🙂 

So I’ll have to get a bit creative with my weekly blog!  Particularly as I’ve been reading some great and interesting books lately. 

Life rolls on…

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