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Saturday Sobserver Satire: O’Dudd Does It Again!

Tony: "In future Kan, remember to stick to the right hand side... the far right hand side."

Tony: “In future Kan, remember to stick to the right hand side… the far right hand side.”

Last Thursday the Member for Flint, Mr. Kan O’Dudd, voted with the opposition after chatting with Clyde Palmoil of PUMP (Palmoil United Mining Party).

“I blame the hypnotic way his jowls wiggled,” explained Mr. O’Dudd, “I was left dazed and confused.”

Sadly for Mr. O’Dudd, this was not his only mistake of the night.  After the vote, Kan was to attend the Lieberal Party Bingo Function at Ming Mansion, “But somehow, I found myself enjoying the hospitality at Harry’s Hemp House,” he told surprised reporters, “it was a mistake anyone could make.”

It was only after donating twenty three thousand dollars and buying a fistful of tickets on the Free Range Chook Raffle Wheel did it occur to Kan that he was actually at a Greenie Party fundraiser.

“I should have known I was in the wrong place from the start as everyone was very tolerant and extremely cheerful.  I left immediately after winning the nights’ grand prize; an all-expenses paid Minke Whale Watching Cruise around the Southern Ocean!”

News of Mr. O’Dudds’ mistake had been relayed to Parliament House where Prime Misogynist, Tory Rabbitt, demanded Kan’s appearance in his chambers immediately.

“Storm in a tea cup,” muttered Mr. O’Dudd as he strolled through the doors leading to Opposing Leader Dill Shorty’s office.

Original Article here:  http://www.gladstoneobserver.com.au/videos/ken-odowds-embarrassing-gaffe-parliament/22863/

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