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Wild About Curtis Island

Cover-493x700“F-f-forty nine dollars!” I yelped as the cashier struggled to prise the credit card from my hands.  “It’s a great show mate,” he said, gritting his teeth and grunting slightly, “it goes for ages and you’ll love it.  Trust me!”

I’ve never trusted anyone who asked me to trust them.

Eventually I relaxed my grip on the card and became the proud owner of Johnny Mitchells’ Wild Adventures: Curtis Island DVD.  “How much was it?” asked Long Suffering Wife as I plopped into the car.  “It’s a great show, it goes for ages and you’ll love it,” I mumbled, cranking up the volume on the radio.

Well, it was a great show, it went for ages, and I loved it.  Long Suffering Wife was so impressed that she handed back my credit card!

So I rang Johnny to congratulate him, and ask the following questions:

Q:  John, the footage of Curtis Island was amazing, do you think we’ll see tourism take off over there?

A:  “I hope so, the islands’ got a lot to offer.”

Q:  I notice you don’t wear shoes, have you ever cut, or injured, your feet?

A:  “No, you learn to take the pressure off by bending at the knee and hip before you do any damage.”

Q:  Have you seen any crocs on the island?

A:  “Not on the island.”

Q:  How are sales of the DVD going?

A:  “Pretty good.  A lot of people are buying them to give as gifts.  I think Gladstone locals were blown away by the film and want to share the beauty and history of Curtis Island with their relatives and friends.”

Q:  What’s your next project?

A:  “Mate, that’s a secret.”

Johnny!  Mate!  I won’t tell anyone (crosses fingers behind back)!


Folks, do yourselves a favour and buy a copy.  It’s great, it goes for ages and you’ll love it!

Trust me.

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