Hot, Hot, HOT!

This is one of the reasons I don't mow in a bikini!

This is ‘one’ of the reasons I don’t wear a bikini when I mow.

While the rest of you moan about the hot and dry weather, I’ve actually done something about it; I’ve emailed the nice folk at the BoM Radar site, and asked them to develop a Raincloud ‘Drag and Drop’ ™ app.

Scoff all you like, but any day now I expect to be able to slide an index finger over my computer screen and bring cooling, relieving rain to our parched city.  I may even allow some of it to fall on Rockhampton, depending on how generous I feel at the time.

Like visiting relatives who have taken over your house, it appears the soul-destroying northerly winds have decided to extend their holiday in the Gladstone region.  Which is why it may be handy to remember that there’s always someone worse off than yourself; because there’s nothing like watching someone else’s misery to cheer all of us up.

Things may be uncomfortable here in Gladdy, but on the other side of the Great Divide, it must be unbearable.  Apparently, it’s so hot and dry out west that the ground looks like my concrete driveway.  Except there’s a couple of small weeds in the cracks of my driveway which makes it look like a rainforest by comparison.

Still, we’ve been through this before, and that’s why I’m asking everyone not to panic and do something desperate, like perform a Rain Dance, polish our cars, or pray.  We did that last year and look what happened!  We were so successful that half of Gladstone ended up with water views, and in many cases, underwater views.

So this year, let’s just keep calm and wait for the rains and cool weather to turn up whenever Mother Nature decides to send them, or failing that, when my Raincloud Drag and Drop app. ™ arrives.


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2 responses to “Hot, Hot, HOT!

  1. D D Line

    Clearly your request was approved. 🙂

  2. Greg Bray

    Yeah, it’s got a couple of glitches though… and they called it Playing God app. Pat Pend.

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