New Year ‘Real’ Solutions

Let me tell you about my mate Greg.  Not Greg the Builder, Greg the Truckie, or even Greg with a silent ‘G’ who we call Reg.

No, I’m referring to Greg the Singer (not me, I’m Greg the…, well, I’d rather not say).

Once a week, Greg rocks up to a local nursing home, sets up his karaoke equipment, then yodels his heart out to a roomful of oldies; some of whom are asleep, or possibly in a coma.

He doesn’t do it for anything as petty as money, or fame, or to get himself outed in the local paper by some curly-haired loudmouth, but occasionally he’ll get slung a cup of tea, and on a good day he’ll score a couple of Custard Creams from the bikkie tin.

Now here’s the bit where you come in; if you have to make a New Years’ Resolution, why not take a leaf out of Greg’s book and use your own special talent for the good of our community?  There are plenty of needy folk out there looking for somebody just like you, ie: someone who can walk upright and breathe at the same time, and is keen to help out.

Your talent could be cooking meals for a sick friend, walking your neighbours’ dog, giving blood (which you get to do while lying down!), teaching a child to knit, motivating workmates, directing a play, or having a sing while Greg is drinking his tea?

So instead of resolving this year to lose weight/get fit/find love/stop complaining or workout how to use your i-Thingy, why not aim for something realistic?

Unlike my other mate, Greg the Musician, who is trying to teach Greg the Ham-fisted Guitarist how to play the lead break of Johnny B.  Goode; luckily for me, his real gift is bucket loads of patience.

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