Two Very Special Olympians!

Ruby and Adam

Ruby and Adam

My ‘conversation’ with local businessman and social gadabout, Colin Bourke, went something like this:

“No!  I’ve never MC’d in my life!  I really don’t have time.  No!  Look don’t keep asking, I’m not going to change my mind, the answer is No!  Crying’s not going to help you Col.  Neither will getting angry.  No!  No, no, no, no, NO!  Sorry?  It’s for what?  Oh….”  Silence.  “Well…”

Ever noticed how you can say ‘No’ 156 times and no one hears you, but the moment you say ‘Maybe’ then it’s locked in stone as a firm commitment?  “Just turn up and do your best,” instructed Col as he quickly hung up.

Pretty handy advice.

So last Friday night I turned up at CQU and did my best-ish, and am genuinely grateful to have been part of such an amazing evening.  For those of you who missed it, two young athletes, Ruby Lawler and Adam Knuth, were presented with their Australian Swimming Squad uniforms, because next month they’ll be competing at the Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games in Newcastle!

And if that isn’t enough, our city will also be sending five officials to the event!  Once again we’re punching well above our weight in sporting achievement (and volunteering!)

Plus I also learned that Adam can swim a lap of the pool faster than I can run it, and that Ruby had come straight from training to the presentation; her pony tails were still wet.  These kids have a gut level instinct to Turn Up and Do Their Best.

So my fellow Gladstonians if you want to show your support, and sling a few much needed dollars their way, then please go to this site immediately:

In the meantime I’ll start pestering Col to lead a separate fundraising push; because he simply doesn’t take ‘No’ for an answer.

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