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Rolling the Right Way

Bikini SkateboarderLast Thursday night at Bray Manor we received a recorded phone call from Tony Abbott asking for our votes.  Slamming down the phone I cried, “That’s it!  Pack the car, we’re outta here!”

We sought political refuge at Agnes Waters, and fortunately the locals didn’t turn us away, or worse, redirect us to some hell-hole for ‘processing’.  Quite the opposite in fact.  As we got out of the car, a young lass in a bikini skateboarded by and called out brightly, “Enjoy your stay!”  Well, I’ve definitely had worse welcomes!

Watching her disappear down the road, I mentally calculated how much of her exposed body was at risk of second degree gravel rash, until my thoughts were interrupted by ‘a certain party’ nudging me in the ribs and telling me to stop perving.

The next morning, as we sauntered towards the beach, we spied a young bloke carefully picking up large pieces of glass off the road and putting them onto his skateboard.  I was so impressed that I gave him a hand.

“Ta,” he said, then added, “you know, I reckon that if you see rubbish and don’t pick it up, then you might as well have thrown it yourself.”  He dumped the bits of broken bottle into a nearby bin, then waved goodbye as he skated merrily away.

On Sunday afternoon, while Mr. Abbott hung a portrait of Rupert in Kirribilli House, and organised the fumigators to cleanse The Lodge of any strands of bright red hair, we puttered back home.  And on the way, I thought of the marvellous lesson those kids had taught us:  that regardless of who is in power, it’s the individuals cheerfully going the extra mile who make a positive difference to our communities.

Perhaps it’s time I dusted off my old skateboard?

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