Stop the Boats! (Come by Plane)

Boat PeopleGladstone is quite used to welcoming economic refugees fleeing joblessness and poverty; why, even those of us from a sub-branch of the von Bray family tree were accepted.

And this papers’ esteemed Editor has temporarily left the Land of the Long White Cloud for a better life here in Happyrock.  Although, I have a theory he was accidently rounded up while they were netting the streets of NZ for heavily tattooed construction scaffolders, aka: ‘Sciffies, Bro!’

It seems that economic refugees who arrive here in planes or cars are OK, but folk turning up in leaky boats are about as popular as a streaker at an Origin game.

I’ve been hoping the UN would come up with a humane solution to the people smuggling problem, but it’s like waiting for the ACCC to conduct a serious probe into petrol price gouging; futile.

Then K. Rudd returned from a stint as a political refugee in the backbench wilderness.  With his career ambitions sinking faster than a rotting Indonesian fishing boat, he was suddenly slung a life-line.  After being handed the top job, a hefty pay rise, free accommodation, free food, and free first class air travel, Kev chose to say ‘Thanks’ by slamming the door firmly shut in the faces of genuine refugees.

Not a real fair shake of the sauce bottle mate, but he lifted Labors’ polling figures from ‘Totally Doomed’ to ‘Slightly Disastrous’.   Meanwhile, a stunned Tony Abbot is possibly regretting tossing out the docket for the new drapes he pre-ordered for the Lodge.

The only certainty is that the political point scoring over refugees will continue for many years.  In fact, it’s been going on since 1788, when the traditional owners got tied up in knots arguing about whether to allow the First Fleet into Sydney Harbour, or spear them out of the water.  And look how well that worked out…

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