Trying a Little Kindness on Gladstone’s Busy Roads

In recent times I’ve experienced so many NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) on my daily commute along the Toolooa Bends, that I’ve grown fairly used to them. In fact I rarely squeal like a little girl anymore, and my twitch and nervous rash have just about cleared up.

But last weeks NDE was so terrifying that I’m seriously considering swimming the Boyne River to get to and from work these days.

This particular NDE came courtesy of some bozo in a speeding work ute trying to negotiate a tricky corner in the rain, while drinking coffee and texting at the same time. I can only assume that he was using his knees, or some other body part, to steer his vehicle.

Somehow he missed me, and the semi-trailer stapled to my rear bumper, and as he sped on his merry way, I told Jesus all about it; rather loudly.

For the next few kilometres I updated Jesus on several more faults with the world, then in mid rant, I found myself thinking about the real meaning of Easter. Now Easter in Gladstone usually means having fun like (and with), drunken sailors. But it dawned on me that if Christmas is all about Giving, then Easter is all about Forgiving, so I decided to give it a go.

“Mate,” I muttered, “even though you are a complete bun brain, I forgive you. I forgive your parents for feeding you when you were young, and I forgive the dribbling drongo who gave you your licence. I also forgive your stupidity, selfishness, ignorance and total lack of remorse. Yes mate, from the bottom of my now very wet undies, I forgive you.”

Ok, I’ll admit I have a lot to learn as far as forgiveness goes, but funnily enough, from that point on, I actually felt pretty good!

So folks, please stay safe on the roads this Easter, because even though I’m fairly sure Jesus forgives my sorry excuses for apologies after each NDE, I’m just not that keen to meet with Him in person to find out.

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