Happy New Year… again

No NYRsGadget Guru’s Rejoice!  You can now purchase Apps (applications) that will help you stick to your New Years Resolutions!  Hopefully one of those resolutions will be to spend much less time fiddling with Apps on your smart phone or i-Thingy.

And hope is what New Year’s Resolutions are based on.  Usually a, “I really mean it this time!  No mucking around!  Get outta my way because I’m actually going to ‘insert goal here’ this year!” type of hope.  The sort of hope that stems from the nail biting anxiety of realising that you’re another year older and things really aren’t improving.

And into this yawning gap of despair have stepped App creators who are hoping to cash in on your hopes.  And as most New Year resolutions are centred around personal health and financial goals they have come up with apps that can help you lose weight, and get rich; or at least make them very rich.

Anyway, the fitness applications will tell you when it’s time to exercise, and help improve your running time and speeds.  One will even scan your food purchases and advise you of their fat and calorie levels.  Honestly, how did we ever manage to survive as a species without these wonderful apps?!

Now, I have no idea how the Financial Apps will help you achieve your fiscal goals, but I’ll bet they won’t be telling you to stop spending money each month on stupid apps.

As for me, I’ll be re-using the New Year’s Resolutions I came up with a few years ago, because they were good resolutions back then, and still are.  All they need is a lot more commitment from me to become reality.

And the App I’ll be using is called My Brain 1.0.  Ok, I’ll admit that My Brain 1.0 has a quite few bugs, a malfunctioning memory chip and slow running speeds due to it being clogged with useless trivia.  Plus I’m fairly certain the periodic flash floods of alcohol have voided its’ warranty, but it’s got me this far; somehow.

And best of all, the battery powering My Brain 1.0 never goes fla…

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