Murphy’s Law and Car Repairs

Somone else who has trouble getting into a cars' tight spaces

Somone else who has trouble getting into a cars’ tight spaces

Sometimes trying to save money can be an expensive business, particularly if a certain Mr. Murphy pays a visit; ‘Whatever can go wrong…’

Murphy is the naughty leprechaun who occasionally pops by to test my patience, and he arrived early last Sunday morning, just after Long Suffering Wife said, “The drivers’ side window is making a funny noise.”Now, I’ve spent years heartily encouraging her to fix these things herself while I sit inside watching tele, but half an hour later I stood alone in front of the car, armed with my toolbox and humming the theme music from Jaws:       Da Dum.       Da Dum.

Ten minutes later I’d removed the car door lining, the plastic dust cover, and a fair bit of skin from my knuckles.  I immediately found one problem; my hands were far too big to get into the tight space housing the window winding unit.In crippling humidity I spent the next two hours removing and refitting the electric winding assembly, and each time I fixed a problem, a new one emerged, finding an amazingly creative way not to let my window work.

Through gritted teeth I sang, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, don’t let it get you down, keep pushing on!”  At this point, Long Suffering Wife rounded up the kids and dogs, and high-tailed it to the park.

After another hour of ‘fun’ my blood pressure entered the red zone, my wedding ring and watch were lost in the depths of the door, and our neighbours had learned some fairly creative phrases.

As clouds gathered overhead, I decided to at least get the window back up in case it started raining, but Murphy wasn’t having any of that.  Thirty action packed seconds later I stared in disbelief at the ruins inside my door shell, then calmly packed up my tools, put a tarp over the car, and walked inside to the beer fridge.

“So it’s come to this,” I muttered, then reached out for the fridge magnet with our mechanic’s number on it.  And he’ll be in for some fun I can tell you; particularly if Murphy pops by to help him.

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