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Talkin’ Bout Y Generation

Having survived twelve years of school, Gladstone’s Senior High School students will graduate this week, and, if they survive Prom night, they’ll join us ‘oldies’ in the Wondrous World of Work!  Boy, aren’t they in for a surprise.

Anyway, Middle Princess was one of those lucky seniors, so Long Suffering Wife and I have fronted at a few award and graduation speech nights during the past couple of weeks.  Of course the free snacks heavily influenced my decision to attend.

And while the food’s been great, it has paled in comparison to how remarkable this latest group of school leavers are.  Their enthusiasm, optimism, energy and amazing talent has left me in no doubt that I’ll be taking orders from one of them in the very near future.

Yet for some reason, this group of young go-getters has been branded Generation Useless.  Useless?!  These kids, who can get free movies off the internet and text in their sleep, are useless apparently.  Well, where does that leave the rest of us?

It looks as if some of those old Generation Boomers and Builders have been busy with their labelling machines again; the ones with the big, easy to read lettering.  It was the B & B’s who labelled us Gen X’ers – the No Hopers.  They thought we were lazy, watched far too much TV, had the fashion sense of asylum inmates, and worst of all, they rubbished our music.

I’ll bet many of them are actually shocked we’ve lasted this long. But we showed them!  Or we will, once we get our anxieties sorted out.

Which is why I’m so impressed with this new generation of school leavers.  They don’t appear to care what we, or the previous generations, think of them.  They do their own thing, and so far they’re doing it quite well, a trend I’m sure is set to continue in spite of my generation offering them helpful suggestions.

So you’ll never hear me giving this capable group of young adults a hard time, chiefly because they’ll be the ones choosing my nursing home.  And I sincerely hope they do a much better job of that than us Gen X’ers are currently doing to the Boomers.


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