The Week that Was…

It’s been a funny sort of week.

Last Sunday morning, the slow leak in my camp mattress gently lowered me into the large puddle of water that had seeped into my tent.  Ironically, the only things not wet and cold, were the beers in my esky.

Tossing my soaked gear into the boot, I headed home.  Near Childers a truck lobbed a rock at my head; fortunately it hit the windscreen first.  I ended up with a badly cracked screen, slightly damper underwear and a nervous tick in my right eye.

Sunday afternoon I stepped through my front door and was greeted with the news that Cyril Golding had died.  As I unpacked my sodden camping kit, I recalled the time a few years ago when I took my mate from Brisbane to the fish markets to buy prawns for Xmas lunch.  We stood near the end of a long line that snaked around the car park, and to my surprise, Cyril was standing behind us.

As he warmly shook our hands and wished us a Merry Christmas, my mate whispered, “Who’s this?”

“Mr. Gladstone,” I replied.

“Yeah?!  So why’s he waiting in line with us peasants?”

“Because Cyril’s a down to earth sort of bloke.”

This impressed my mate, and he and Cyril chatted all the way into the shop, through the shop, and back out into the car park, while I worried about the prawns going off in the hot sun.

After work on Monday I read the tributes to Cyril in the paper; he was a truly remarkable man.  Later, a slightly less remarkable man attempted to repair his tent and mattress; things did not go well, so they joined the newspaper in the recycling bin.

At eight p.m. Tuesday night, I removed my work clothes and work bag from the recycling bin, then put my screwed up ‘Lucky’ Lotto ticket in.

Late Wednesday morning my pick for the Melbourne Cup sauntered over the finishing line.

But on Thursday I won the car insurance sweepstakes when I learned my policy covered the cost of the new windscreen!

And on Friday the Middle Princess graduated from High School.  Her parents were delighted, proud, and slightly relieved.

Yep, it’s been a funny sort of week.  Hopefully next week will be much more boring…

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