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Gregs Saturday Scribble – Facebook Fun

If all your friends jumped off a cliff would you join them?  Of course you would.  So when my friends joined Facebook, I followed the herd and jumped on board… eventually.

Over ten million Australians have Facebook (Fb) accounts, and a miniscule number of them have publicly declared that I’m their Friend; the fools!  Sadly, my tribe is missing some old mates who have been forbidden to talk with me again; at least until they get divorced.

And during my time in Fb World, I’ve learned the following:

Fb is a great way for families to stay in touch.  We often use Fb to communicate with our children who are usually as far away as their bedrooms.

Apparently it’s very bad form to post on Fb at work, while motorcycling, when your partner is yelling at you, in job interviews, or during your court case.

Before mouthing off on Fb about your crummy job, love life, or delicate medical condition, just remember certain people may get a little excited by your comments, eg: your friends, the lover you met last night, your now outraged ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, your parents, your boss, or the person in HR doing the background check on your job application.

Kids, Fb was not invented for you to show the world how many unique combinations of swear words you know.

At all costs, avoid drinking alcohol and Fb Searching for old girlfriends!  I wish I knew what they’re sharing with Long Suffering Wife that makes her laugh so much?

Nobody has hundreds of friends, so weed out the well-wishers, casual acquaintances and gossip mongers from the real deals by thinking hard about which of your Fb Friends will leap in front of a speeding bus to save you.

Note: your real friends won’t stand on the footpath recording your accident, then post it online with a comment like, “OMG!  I’m so traumatised!!  I need a coffee now!!!!”  They’ll be lying on the road wondering how soon you’ll replace their smashed smart phone.

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