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Gregs’ Saturday Scribble – Rubbished Doing My Doggone Bit

Little Dog hunched up to deposit her second ‘Number Two’ on our daily outing, and to take my mind off the grunting and shuffling going on at my feet, I had a bit of a look around.  The first thing I noted was how many passing drivers screwed up their faces at us as they whizzed by.

Next was how much rubbish lay on the side of the road.  Shaking my head I thought, ‘Someone should do something about this.’  And being a man of limited action, I decided that that someone was me, so I started back home to ring the Council.

On the way I picked up a discarded can.  It was one of those caffeine-charged energy drinks, and according to the blurb on the side of the tin, consuming this potion would give you a guaranteed boost to keep you buzzing throughout the day.  Obviously it hadn’t given the drinker quite enough energy toss their empty can into a nearby bin.

So I did just that; wandered over to some stranger’s wheelie bin, tossed the can inside, and made Gladstone a slightly cleaner place.  Feeling empowered, I picked up some more rubbish, then some more.  I thought of the example I was setting to any onlookers; that here, in this part of town was a bloke who had had enough.  Ten minutes later, after filling a discarded shopping bag with rubbish, I straightened my aching back and cried “Enough!”

The next day I returned to the place I’d cleaned the day before, and was slightly miffed to discover that the area had been littered again.  Obviously some passing pig had been distressed by the sight of a clean section of footpath and done something about it.  The filthy rotten sod.

Making the sighing sound I reserve for these situations, I started again.  It didn’t take long to pick up the new mess, and before too long I’d filled another bag.  As it wasn’t wheelie bin day, I walked down to the shops to find an empty bin, into which I smugly dumped my rubbish bag.

My pride was short lived though, because as I turned to go, a passer-by pointed to where Dumb Dog was emptying his bladder on the side of the bin and yelled, “It’s people like you who spoil it for everyone!”

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