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Wild Women

Last Friday in Meredith’s column, I read about women taking out their frustrations on other women, and unfortunately, not in an entertaining way involving jelly, roller skates, or fluffy pillows that burst open when they contact flimsy lingerie.

It appears incidents of female bullying are on the rise, and are increasingly escalating into public screaming matches, or acts of violence.  And some girls don’t think twice about giving us blokes a gob full either; particularly on the road.  Who do they think they are?  Men?!

But it’s at work, where we have to maintain a veneer of civility, that things can get really intense.  My initiation to Girly Guerrilla Warfare occurred years ago, when after a fairly mundane meeting a female co-worker took me aside and hissed, “Did you hear what that spiteful cow said to me?!”

Replaying the meeting in my head, and deleting all the bits where I’d been thinking about fishing and golf, I couldn’t detect anything offensive in the few minutes I’d actually been paying attention.

Noting my look of confusion she snapped, “When she said I’m more than capable of taking on the big boys?!  She practically called me a whore!”  I was shocked.  She had just been given an award by our female boss, and I thought the statement was referring to her readiness for promotion.  When I suggested she was reading too much into it, I thought she was going to hit me!

From then on, I watched carefully whenever the pair of them were together, tuning in for icy looks, snide remarks, or smiling comments that sounded innocent, but in reality weren’t.  Well, to be honest, most of it had to be pointed out to me by another female co-worker who could see I was struggling to keep up.  I was working in the middle of a war zone; apparently.

Ladies, I don’t know why you do it to each other, in fact, I don’t even know when you do it to each other, but carrying on like Paul Gallen after a Queensland try isn’t the way forward either.  What you need is a more humane way of handling the frustrations caused by your fellow females.

May I suggest an activity involving fluffy pillows?

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