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Cubbyhouse 101 – Political Leadership Course

The political campaigning is heating up, and my TV has given us more spin cycles lately than our overworked washing machine.  So during the evening news hour, I’ve taken to strolling through the bush, and that was how I recently made a momentous discovery:  I found a cubby house!

In a secret spot known only to me, and obviously a handful of industrious kids, was a genuine cubby house, built from scraps of timber, tarps and buckled roofing iron, all held together with an interesting variety of nails, screws, rope, duct tape, and hope.

They’d even left some of their tools behind, (a fine cubby house tradition), so somewhere nearby a father was probably tearing his shed apart looking for those rapidly rusting tools, while his children mumbled with angelic innocence, ‘We didn’t take them Dad.’

Then it occurred to me that what I had stumbled across was not just the construction of some ramshackle cubby house, but the training ground of our future leaders.  Those kids have had the idea, then the drive, to gather the materials, source the tools, organise a team of helpers, and kept them motivated during the planning, construction and remodelling stages.

They’ve learned to work as a team to overcome obstacles and fix mistakes.  And in spite of one spectacular disaster, caused by some middle-aged fiddler who thought he was helping, they had the patience to rebuild the whole thing…  um, sorry kids.

They are slowly learning good leadership skills; to have the courage to act on a vision, then persist until the job is done.  In fact, I reckon it’s a great way to sort the Real Leaders from the Mere Managers, which is why from now on, I’m only going to vote for politicians who can build a cubby house from scratch.

So, any political hopefuls wanting my vote can arrange to meet me in the bush at the back of my place, and I’ll take you to where some thoughtless folk have dumped some potentially handy scrap materials, then leave you to build a working cubby house; on time, and with no budget.  I may even lend you some of my cheaper tools, but only if you promise to return them.

And each night when the news comes on, I’ll pop out and check your progress, which will give all of us something constructive to do until the elections are over.

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