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2 responses to “IMG_0934 (Medium)

  1. Dr. Joan

    I am a physician in America. I hope to land a column of medical humor and to one day, self-syndicate. I have read all four of your installments on how to write a humorous column. Thank you for your advice. Thanks for your encouragement and for the work you are doing to raise social awareness. Sounds like Australia was not spared the mess Europe and the US are combating. Keep swinging. Best, Dr. Joan

    • gladbloke

      Hi Doc Joan, glad to have been of some use.

      A column of medical humour sounds like a blast! I worked in a hospital for a few years (maintenance), and I reckon I could write a book on the funny things I saw (and did).

      Do you have any samples of your work? I’d love to see them, maybe offer some advice… scouts honour I won’t use any of your material 🙂



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