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Digital Detox – The Groundrules

Hello, for those of you keeping pace, this week, tomorrow in fact I’ll be in a digital/blog/MP3/i-This and That free zone.  So no more posts until October…  I’m pretty sure the Internet won’t go into free fall… probably.  Anyway, see you in four weeks, Gb.

Preparations for Simple September (the month I’ve decided to return to a 1970’s lifestyle), have begun in earnest.  I’ve started emailing my regular contacts to advise them that I won’t be checking my inbox from September 1st; although I’m sure this won’t stop the extremely persistent President of Nigeria from contacting me daily with offers of free cash.


Serenity... NOW!

And, as my ancient typewriter has gone the way of the dinosaurs, I’ve resurrected an old, pre-wireless internet, word processor in order to continue writing these columns.  Which means no blogging, reading online forums, news and weather sites, or consultations with Dr. Google seeking free medical advice regarding my various ailments (real and imagined). 

NOTE: should a genuine health emergency occur, I want every modern, high tech, computer aided, satellite tracking, micro-chip operated, latest and greatest life saving device to be utilised immediately, because I’m not a complete idiot.

Meanwhile at work, computer use is unavoidable, particularly if I wish to continue being paid, so, for the next four weeks I’ll minimise my workstation usage to the absolute bare essentials, then quickly log off and do something productive; like I’m supposed to… apparently.

I’ve also stashed away my MP3 player.  This is going to hurt, because thanks to this little device, the daily dog death march has become an activity I almost look forward to now.  But on the bright side, returning to a headphone free walk will also mean no more mindlessly stepping out in front of speeding traffic while I manically press the buttons on the fiddly bit of rubbish.

I did eventually find my old battery operated tape player, along with a disintegrating Pink Floyd cassette, but sadly, I also found the unrepairable corrosion damage that the 1985 vintage batteries had done to its’ internals.  

And finally, during September, I’ll only watch two TV channels, the ABC, and one commercial network, with viewing times limited to hours between three and eleven p.m. just like it was in the ‘70’s.  And to make the experience really authentic, I’ll have to get up off my backside to physically change channels.  At this point, I started to wonder about the sanity of going through with this exercise in simplicity, but then I recalled the many reasons I was doing it.

So next month, when you’re emailing your bank account details to the overly generous Nigerian President, please add my fondest regards.


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