Digital Detox

Having nearly reached the age of 45, I’ve decided that it’s high time I got my mid-life crisis over with.  When I informed Long Suffering Wife of my decision, she rolled her eyes and said, “Well, it’s about time, we’ve only been putting up with the damned thing since you were 33!”

Now, because I don’t have a lot of time to waste, I thought I’d plan the perfect mid-life crisis, so I looked at my options:

Go parachuting?  Yes, if I want my middle-aged heart to stop beating. 

Buy a Harley and cruise the highways like Easyrider?  Well, I’ve spent a few holidays over the years doing that on my old Kawasaki, ‘Rentawreck’, and let me tell you, bugs cracking into your forehead at 100 kph is overrated in my opinion.

Drop out of society, live on a commune, grow my own food, and surround myself with nubile hippy women?  Well, it does have its’ attractions, but I’ve scratched it off my list because I’m not a big fan of mungbeans, or dandelion wine, and honestly, I’m flat out keeping one wife amused.

So, after a lot of thought, I’ve decided to do the one thing that will hopefully make me much happier.  I’m going back to the 1970’s!

No, I’m not building a time machine (although it is on my list of ‘Things to Do’); instead, I’m planning a Digital Detox.  This September, I am going to reject all the frustrating electronic gadgetry that has taken over my life.

Nowadays, everyone complains about being time poor and stressed.  Our lives are a raging torrent of activities, and even the very air around us is busy, filled with ringing phones, tweets n’ texts, emails, and electronic music.  Struth, I’m starting to forget what the voices in my head sound like.

So for one month, I will live a life free of email, internet, MP3, i-This and i-That, DVD’s, or any other form of electronic gadgetry that wasn’t around when I was a lad in the 1970’s.

I’m not doing this for charity, I’m doing it for my Sanity; although if someone is willing to sponsor this stupidity then I’ll happily pass the proceeds on to the good people at the Gladstone Men’s Shelter (because I cheerfully support any charities that I feel I may need in the future).

It’s time to ‘Simplify man, simplify!’  I’ll keep you posted… somehow.

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