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It’s MY Labor Party

When ex-PM Kevin planned to have a few friends round this week for some nibblies, drinks, and some polite conversation about todays’ political climate, current PM Julia immediately made him cancel his little party.  Perhaps he should have invited her?

Kev, the man who ousted John ‘No Work Choices’ Howard, got booted from the top job by his own party, (leaving them ‘rudd’erless), and now struggles on just out of the limelight under Julia’s ‘No Life Choices’ regime.

Not only can he get sacked for things he says or does at work, but he also has to be careful about who he associates with after work.  It’s a low blow for the bloke who used to run the party, not being allowed to party with his own party.

We look to our political chiefs for guidance and leadership, so it’s a bit worrying to see that even those in the top ranks of the political food chain have to wear a choke chain, muzzle and zap collar, 24/7.

I reckon Kevvy and Jules should start going out for after-work drinks on Friday nights.  They could blow off a bit of steam, exchange a few brutal truths with each other in the car park afterwards, then patch up their differences over a kebab on the way home in the taxi.

But it won’t happen, because Julia’s bosses have stopped her from socialising too; which was why she wasn’t allowed to play tea parties with the Dalai Lama.

Kev’s cocktail entitlements could easily be restored by a good union delo, but most of them got scratched off his BBQ invites list this time last year.  And Julia’s not letting the union boys whoop it up either, because she knows exactly what can happen when they get together for a few drinks.

Kev, like all of us, is free to say and do what he likes, but he won’t, because he knows that exercising that freedom comes with dire consequences; like losing a job which allows him to spend more paid time in the air than Michael Jordan’s sandshoes.

To keep Julia happy, Kev canned his Assassination Celebration and avoided another sacking.  Mind you, unemployment for Ruddy means having to survive on a measly ex-Prime Ministerial pension, plus the few million dollars his wife scrapes together each week, so why he’s not breaking out the party hats and streamers is completely beyond me?

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