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Mothers Day

How's your hayfever Mummy 🙂

For those of you without a good calendar, I feel I ought to warn you that tomorrow is Mothers’ Day and, unlike Fathers’ Day, this is the one day of the year that you really can’t afford ignore.

Mothers are wonderful.  They kept you safe, warm and fed as a little tacker, saw to it that you avoided bad company, helped you with your homework, and patched you up when you came home with any number of injuries.  Not once did my mother complain when I came home bawling in pain, trailing blood, mud, dirt and go-kart parts through the house, propped up by a swarm of mates who were keen to see what would happen next.

Mum would calmly mummify me with bandages and iodine, then set about cleaning the blood and grease stains off her rugs, lino, and walls while the rest of us sat plopped in front of tele shovelling food into our faces; it almost made getting injured worthwhile.

And no-one else cooks like your Mum.  I’ve seen grown men come to blows over whose mother makes the best stew, because there’s no stew like Mothers’ stew.  Honestly it’s a silly thing to be fighting over, especially when it’s a well known fact that my Mum makes the worlds’ best stew; with sultanas in it!

And Mums care, they really are ‘The Last Chance Saloon’ in the Town ofLife.  When everyone else has given up on you, good ol’ Mum will always have something nice to say about you, even if it is how neat and tidy you’re keeping your jail cell these days.

Tomorrow you should go out of your way to make Mum feel special, because in addition to all the good things I’ve mentioned about mothers, I’d also like to point out that mums’ also happen to know quite a lot of stuff about you, personal things you might not want her mentioning to your children, friends, workmates, or passing strangers.

So, build, make or buy your Mum something nice to say ‘Thanks’, particularly for all the times she threatened to brain you with the wooden spoon, but didn’t.  She’ll be grateful, and if you’re really lucky, you’ll not only buy another year of her silence regarding your delicate personal information, but she might also dish you up an extra helping of world class stew, with extra sultanas.

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