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Rotten to the Core and Non-Core

Political leaders walk a fine line between convincing progressives that you are going to make radical changes, while reassuring conservatives that you are not going to make any changes at all.  The real trick is trying to maintain your integrity while you do it. 

Sadly, we’ve grown so used to being lied to that most of us are beyond caring anymore.  This appalling political apathy was heartily encouraged by Johnny ‘Core and Non-Core Promises.  Children overboard!  No GST ever!  Workchoices is dead!’ Howard.

"All this money from a tax on nothing!!"

And now Ju-liar “No Carbon Tax!” Gillard is strolling down a well trodden path, just like Anna B-liar did before her.  Actually, Anna didn’t lie to us, she just forgot to mention, before or during the last State election that she was planning to sell off our Forestry and Rail sectors.  Must have slipped her mind?  Then she ignored public outrage because she was showing leadership, while telling us that she was listening to the electorate.  This is politics. 

But, since the floods and the cyclone we’ve all forgiven her… apparently.  And having seen what Mother Nature did for Anna’s political fortunes, Julia is probably in the Lodge right now doing a rain dance.  Or perhaps she’s hoping Tony Abbot will soon make another mouth-droppingly stupid comment, or repeat his mistake of looking just as stupid by saying absolutely nothing at all? 

And lurking behind Julia are the Greens, who can’t wait to close down anything that makes pollution, or a profit.  Which, here in Gladstone, would only be our refineries, coal wharves, smelter, fishing fleets, power house, mines, shale oil, and LNG plants.  Honestly, we’d hardly notice it if they were all shut down tomorrow.

Of course our city’s population may drop a little, and the seven people left in town would suddenly find themselves paying two million dollars a year in rates to maintain our councillor’s wages, but at least they wouldn’t have to worry about traffic jams as they pedalled through the Kin Kora roundabout on their way to the dole office. 

Look, if we have to address climate change, let’s start by calculating how much hot air is being emitted from Parliament House.  Shutting down this major polluter would be worth the price of a Carbon Tariff, Levy, Fund, Toll, or whatever the hell the new Tax is going to be called.  Because we must do something, while doing nothing at all.  Trust me.

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