‘Flesh’ Flood Reporting in Qld

For those of you who didn’t know, the long drought has finally ended; my TV news watching drought that is.  I’d stopped watching the news some time ago because of the loud swearing that was apparently coming from my mouth whenever I spied a politician.

But recently, I’ve been sneaking peeks from behind the couch in order to watch the flood devastation, and during my long absence it appears that someone has removed all the old, knowledgeable weather reporters off the air, and replaced them with pretty young lasses from ‘Dial-a-Bimbo’.

As the Army, Police and SES mobilised to help the flood victims, the big TV networks immediately choppered in battalions of female reporters, who are completely useless at filling sand bags, building levies or distributing much needed food and medicine.  Instead they have arrived with camera teams and hair stylists, in order to keep us abreast of the flood situation.  I think some of them have taken the ‘abreast’ instruction far too literally.

Nightly I’ve watched these winsome weather women stand knee-deep in flood waters, with ultra tight jeans rolled up to their knees, and strategically unbuttoned blouses, capturing forever on film some very memorable images indeed.

I suppose if given the choice between watching an old, overweight male with a meteorological degree, supplying me relevant weather information from a studio, or gazing at a pretty young lady who is unaware of what season it is, but looks fantastic in a low cut life jacket, then I know which one I’ll be tuning into… as soon as Long Suffering Wife leaves the room.

Surely our national broadcasters could have used some of our more ‘talented’ local reporters to capture the stories and images for the world to see?  At least it would give them something useful to do while they’re waiting for their homes, cars, furniture and pets to re-surface.

And like the rain, this trend of Flashing Flood Reporting seems set to continue.  But my mental alarm bell is ringing, because politicians with a keen eye for the latest media trends may start getting ideas.  So if I see Anna and Julia unbuttoning their blouses, while Tony strides towards murky flood waters wearing his budgie smugglers, then I’ll be giving the news the flick again and donating our tele to the flood victims.

Because honestly, there’s only so much a man can ‘bare’.

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One response to “‘Flesh’ Flood Reporting in Qld

  1. The man formally known as Pepe

    Did you find too that Julia was trying to compete with them? (or is it the contrary?) When she spoke, it was like a journalist! I did not see her as a head of state in her speeches! Conversely when ol’Kev had his bit he was much more convincing.
    Even Anna made good figure after JG had spoken… not convincing at all, it seems she is more credible working in the back…! Is that why you didn’t get any money from Oprah in the end?

    P.S: Nice Legs!

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