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Alistair Hulett

On Saturday I was filling in some paperwork at work, and in the background ABC Radio National was playing, and the feature artist this week was Alistair Hulett, a folk singer/songwriter.  I couldn’t believe it, I’d only just said the other week that I never hear my favourite artists on the radio, and Alistair has consistently ranked up there in my personal top 5 artists I regularly play (torture my family with) at home.  And here they were playing his music!  Brilliant.

I’d been given one of his CD’s “Cat Among the Pigeons” back in the mid-90’s by a mate of mine who is a collector of folk / indie/zydeco/swing / punk / pop / hard rock… you name it, music.  The first song I heard, “Uisge Beatha” blew my socks off, and I instantly fell for the music genre we now call, Celtic Punk.  I’ve been a fan ever since, but access to other bands with a similar sound has been difficult, until now.  Thankyou Jeebers for the internet thingy. 

Unfortunately, Saturdays’ show was also the moment I learned that Alistair had died earlier this year, and I was taken back a bit.  I’ve enjoyed his music for some time now, playing them on my guitar to the walls of my room over the years.  And on Saturday night I did just that, playing his brilliant “Swaggies have all Waltzed Matilda Away”. 

Needless to say, my hopes of meeting him are now dashed.   Another working class hero has bitten he dust.  Fortunately he left us a wonderful musical legacy.  

If you want to read a little bit more about Alistair, and hear some of his tunes, then click on the links below:



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