“I’m going to the LNG!”

The title of this post is an abridged version of  the comment I’m hearing most lately, the full sentence goes something like this:

“Stuff this place!  I’m going to the LNG!” 

To which an old workmate muttered the other night, “Have you contacted them yet to let them know of this earth shattering news so they can prepare for your arrival?”  🙂

Many workers in the various plants and industries around Gladstone are all anxiously waiting for the Liquid Natural Gas job vacancies to appear in the paper.  Rumours abound about people / mates / etc. currently working at jobs on Curtis Island, or out west, and being paid in exess of $2000 a week to sit about twiddling their thumbs.  Doesn’t sound very exciting to me, and I’m yet to see a pay packet to confirm the validity of this particular rumour.   

As for me, I don’t think I’ll join the ‘gold rush’ for a job at the LNG plant.  Instead, I might take my pick of all the jobs that will be vacant when the other folk leave.  Or, just drop out of heavy industry altogether.  Unfortunately this will result in a big pay cut which may mean having to leave Gladstone altogether.

Our rental market is starting to crank up, although nowhere near the ludicrous levels of a certain mining town out west, which I’ve been reliably informed has increased rents to $1200 per week, all but guaranteeing that the mine workers will be forced to take the Fly In/Fly Out option in order to save money.  An option which will be the death of many small mining towns and communities. 

Gladstone too is gearing up to take on FIFO workers as well for construction of the LNG and steel plants.  So, I’m thinking that a lot of locals who have been pinning their hopes on changing jobs may be a tad disappointed.   

Regardless of what happens, there are some big changes in the wind for Gladstone and surrounds… hopefully the breeze won’t be full of toxic gases.  At the moment though, it’s quite full of hot air…

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