Trouble Brewing Locally

Carlton & United Breweries recently launched a new beer in Rockhampton.  After surveying Rocky drinkers, they created a tipple called Great Northern Lager which has won much acclaim from the locals.  But Gladstone beer drinkers’ first response to the news was, “I hope it doesn’t taste as bad as Mac’s!”

Mac’s beer had the reputation of being Australia’s worst tasting beer, and was universally despised by everyone outside of Rockhampton.  Parties were held around the nation the day the brewery shut down.

Did you note what I did then?  I just did to Rocky, what Rocky does to Gladstone; taken some good news and rubbished it.  I’m often gobsmacked at the bias shown towards Gladstone by Rockhampton news broadcasts.  On the odd occasion when a good news story involving Gladstone crops up, they can’t help but sink the slipper into us, while replaying tired old footage of our mudflats and smoking chimneys’ as if to confirm we live in the Third World.

The recent news regarding the LNG investment was the lead story on all the national news broadcasts, but came in a poor second on our local news; behind the story of Rockhampton’s new rubbish recycling facility, where it was mentioned, possibly with a slight rolling of the eyes, that Rockhampton is also recycling Gladstone’s rubbish. 

Then came the LNG story, which mainly focussed on how unprepared Gladstone is, and the potential environmental harm.  Ok, they have a point, but they didn’t have to rub our noses in it!  You know, I’m starting to think they don’t like us.

Anyway, upon learning that a new beer was being brewed in our region, I took it upon myself to find a sample and do a taste test as part of my public duty; and not because I have some sort of undiagnosed alcohol problem, as suggested by a certain long suffering member of my family.

After bravely taking several dozen swigs I wrote the following report:  “To my utter amazement, Great Northern Lager is a lovely beer.  Refreshing, tasty, and definitely worth a try, BUT, it is brewed from Fitzroy River water, so you’ll be taking your life in your hands drinking it.  They should move the brewery to Gladstone.”

And while they’re at it, we’ll have the new Recycling Centre too, because Gladstone folk have had an awful lot of experience dealing with all the rubbish thrown our way.



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3 responses to “Trouble Brewing Locally

  1. SJH

    Maaate….you obviously missed the best bit. The LOCAL news reported that there has been a recent increase in employment opportunities in the Central Queensland region. Guess what spoken about and was being displayed in the background??? The new Stockland shopping complex of course!!! Oh by the way…the industry in the region got a small mention at the end of the report.

    Why am I not surprised!
    Cheers, SJH.

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  3. Dave

    What was the name of the Gladstone Ford dealer in 1974? I bought a car there that year but can’t remember the dealership name.

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