Nanowrimo – It begins again…

Well, I’ve done it again and signed up for another Frantic November of scribbling in the great National Novel Writers Month event. 

This year, I actually have a plot!!!  Which will be a pleasant change from having a ‘vague idea of where the novel will go’. 

So, by this time next month, I’ll be wrung out, stressed, sick of looking at my computer, and wondering if I’m going to make it, and wondering why I do this to myself… 

I’m starting to wonder already.


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2 responses to “Nanowrimo – It begins again…

  1. Coxy

    Glad to hear you’ll be back for more punishment!

    Look forward to salivating over your word count… then passing it.

    • gladbloke

      Mate, our previous word count battles have left me exhausted… still, now that you’ve officially slapped me across the chops, I accept. Bring on the numbers mate!

      Looking forward to it!


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