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Art Work

The Littlest Princess announced the other day that she had volunteered me for a job… nice. 

They are learning about the planets, and this week it was the Moons’ turn.  Because the moon was rising early in the morning, they couldn’t see it in the evenings, so TLP offered my services, “My dad can draw a picture of the moon at work when it comes up!” 

What could I say? 

So, at 4am the other night I stood bleary eyed on a platform 4 storey’s up, waiting for the clouds to disperse.  I had a piece of paper I’d wrestled from our photocopier, and my blue work pen.  The clouds moved, and I quickly set to work.

Then the magic happened.  Instead of gazing about looking for trouble spots, signs of damage, or problems, I found myself looking at my workplace through an ‘artist eyes’.  The long conveyor runs, the tanks, the towers, the stacks, the pumps, the stockpiles and the way the moonlight enhanced their shapes.  The reflection of our lights over the harbour, and in a way the refinery actually looked quiet pretty

I finished the sketch, and in the semi-darkness of where I was standing, took a look and felt quite proud of my efforts.  I spent the remainder of my break sitting alone just appreciating the view.  

Since then, I’ve been seeing this place in a different light.  Literally.

BTW: the teacher liked my work… I’m eagerly awaiting my mark out of ten 🙂

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