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Money Never Sleeps – Wall St. 2 Review

Last week, I pedalled up town to go to watch an ‘big person’ movie.  These days, when I go to the cinema’s it’s usually with the Littlest Princess to see the latest kids show.  The week before, I sat through Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which was entertaining enough, but, like all American kid films they can’t seem to break away from the school setting.  I’m starting to wonder if American children have any other life/interests apart from school, and ‘trying to fit in and be cool’.  In this day and age, kids should be learning to be comfortable with who they are, and no matter what you’re tastes, there’s a club, group, or social set ready made for you.  Unlike my time in school when it was sporties and nerds, or sometimes a third group, the just don’t give a damn and float between the two groups, set (consisting of me and three mates!)   


A couple of weeks ago I caught the original Wall Street on tele, and was suitably impressed.  It was a genuinely interesting, enjoyable, and educational show.  It was also a bit of a history lesson as the original was made 23 years ago.  My interest was piqued, and the next day I noted that the 2nd instalment was screening at the cinemas.  So I waited a couple of weeks (to let the crowds die down) and trundled off to see it.

I was very impressed.  Now, it’s true that I impress fairly easily, but I actually did enjoy the yarn, the various subplots, and the view ‘from the top’ of the financial ladder.  Michael Douglas’ reprised role as Gordon Gecko was great to watch, and his opening speech after being released from jail was funny, true, and rang warning bells. 

I gave it 4 thumbs up, and recommended heartily to family and friends.  In fact, I’ll probably buy the DVD’s soon, which is always a good guide to how much I enjoyed the show. 

Go see it.

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