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KLE and Me :)

Well, it’s been a long time since I took Rentareck, my old KLE 500 motorcycle for a ride.  For various reasons, I’ve been reluctant to throw a leg over the old girl.  Possibly because she needs some serious work done before I go crazy.

The front fork seals are weeping, as is the front brake line.  The rear shock is starting to sag, and I really should change the oil.  Instead, I parked her in the shed, and let ‘other things’ chew up my time.

Every week I’d shuffle past her, and think, “Yeah, better get her fixed up.”  But every week, something else would distract me, and the work remained undone.  That’s how it’s been for months.

But this week, I thought, “Nope, let’s make a start.”  And I did, sort of.  I got her going, and as she sat there rumbling merrily away, I blipped the throttle a couple of times, and thought, “Oh yeah!”  Then I thought, “Should I?” 

Can you see me? I'm the rapidly accelerating dot on the horizon...

Well, my intention was to take her for a run up and down the road, then bring her home and start taking her apart.  But one thing lead to another, and over an hour later, I rode back through the carport door feeling windswept and delighted. 

Ok, the work still needs to be done, but sometimes, you’ve just got to ride.  And maybe ride some more.

And some more…

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