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Bedtime Story – Smith of Wootton Major

The Littlest Princess has been asking for more bedtime stories lately, so I’ve been digging through my library to find interesting yarns for her.  Last week I dug out my deluxe edition of JRR Tolkiens Poems and Stories, and read her, Smith of Wootton Major. 

It’s one of three great stories in the collection, and she enjoyed it very much.  JRR writes a good fairy, or faery, tale… along with epic heroic romances.  You can read a summary of the plot here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smith_of_Wootton_Major 

When we’d finished reading, I tucked her in and wandered off to bed, and it struck me how similar my life was to that of Smith in a few ways.  He was a blacksmith, a fellow metal worker.  I sing while I work.  The majority of the things I make are made with a creative bent, and I’ve often gone off alone on trips, and come home more thoughtful, or ‘fay’, my eyes lit by an internal glow.  And rimmed with dark lines!  

I’ve had adventures that filled me with wonder, at times with terror, and sang, danced and laughed with friends, and at times, complete strangers.

Sometimes I too feel like my life has been ‘touched’ by a lucky star.

And along with the delight I see in a small girls eyes as I turn the pages, I can also see the light of that star shining in her as well.        

One day I’ll regretfully have to hand my ‘star’ on, but I think it will be in good hands…


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