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Johnson 25 hp Outboard Fun

It’s that time of year, when the warm weather returns to Gladstone, and my thoughts start turning toward the Spring / Summer fishing season. 

‘Collapso’ my faithful tinnie, has been sitting neglected in the shed for the better part of this year, kept company by my equally neglected motorcycle.  Anyway, before I launched the old girl, I thought I’d give the outboard a ‘once over’ just to put my mind at ease.

Don't! Don't even think about it...

Now my mate, the ex-outboard mechanic, warned me that the Johnson 25 can be a little ‘tricky’ to re-assemble.  Over the years, I’ve dabbled with things mechanical, so I pushed on regardless, casually thinking I’ll overcome any difficulties as they occur with the ease of a practiced pro.  Ho, ho, ho.

Well let me just say this.  If I ever find the &#*@# who designed the leg of my outboard, I will bend him over, then insert an entire Johnson 25 outboard, including the hand controls, up his &$)#, then I’ll $*#@(@#, and, $*@#(_*, before &^!#(#!@!!! 

What a stuff around to do a simple little job!  I got the thing apart in record time.  Lay everything out so I knew what order to put it all back together again.  Was pleasantly surprised to find that my water pump is still in Tip Top condition, then started re-assembly. 

Lining up the pipes for the pump outlet was a nightmare.  I haven’t sworn so much since the time I replaced a Datsun 180B motor for a mate… anyway, after an hour I returned to the house, rang my mate and asked what the ‘trick’ was.  He laughed. 

Another 1/2 hour of my life was wasted trying to line the pipes up, before I gave up and drove my daughter to soccer.  I spent the entire game fretting about that damned outboard leg… BTW: the little monster scored a ripper goal which took my mind off the problem for a few minutes 🙂

Anyway, back home, I had one more go before I inserted a grenade into the water inlet, and Lo!  it went back together.  Hooked up the water, and Hurrah!  everything worked.  So this weekend, I’ll hit the Calliope River, run up and down the creeks, keeping near the bank (just in case…), and see how it goes.  I’m quitely confident. 

So, the lesson I’ve learned is:  Next time, pay someone else to do it! 

I don’t need this *$&#…


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