It’s That Time

Yesterday I got hit not once, but twice by angry magpies, and we’ve started turning the fans on again during the day, so Spring has Sprung early here in Gladstone.

Which means that it must be close to our Wedding Anniversary (#20 I think…), AND, the 2nd anniversary of this blog.  *Sound of herald trumpets*  

Reading, Writing, and Slurping... a relaxing combo 🙂

So here we are, 2 years, 243 posts, (well, 244 now) and something in the vicinity of 11,000 views later, I’m thinking, not a bad effort for an exercise in writing discipline; which was the main reason I started blogging, to get into the habit of writing at least 2 times a week. 

And that effort paid off when I finally cracked a column writing gig for my local paper.  Knowing that no matter how tired or ‘out of ideas’ I was, the simple formula of – Sit down, Type, and Wait to see what develops, would always produce something.  

And to my own surprise, I found a few gems in the gravel pit of my mind, and learned that the only way to find more was to keep digging, and digging deeper 🙂        

So as the sun sets on another blogging year, I’m starting to wonder if I should keep going?  Is it perhaps time to retire from the ‘blogosphere’ and focus instead like a laser on my other scribblings? 

This little blog, in the dark backwoods of the web, is one of the few creative outlets where I can let my brain and fingers just go ‘blah, blah, blah’ without the need for any serious editing.  It’s kind of nice to just log on, type, and log off.

Which leads rather neatly to the next big question:  Can I Stop?!     

I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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