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Make him an offer he can’t refuse…

This week has been pretty busy here at Gladbloke Mansion, so I’ve had to be a little selective with how I’ve spent my time.  Days have been spent slapping paint on walls, and my evenings have been pretty full too.  Still there has been some time to write, play my guitar, teach The Littlest Princess some chords on her ukelele (which she appears to be a ‘natural’ at playing 🙂 ), and later, when all is quiet, I slip on a DVD, open a pack of peanuts and relax.

I've been torturing my family with this speech and my Brando impersonations all week!

This week I watched the entire Godfather Trilogy, and have been left speechless at how good it is.  I had forgotten how good it is!  The acting, the scenery (particularly Sicily), the plot, simply brilliant.  The writing, the dialogue… genius. 

I was reminded of growing up in Innisfail in far north Queensland, surrounded by European families, mostly Italian, but also many Yugoslav, Greek, and Chinese.  When we celebrated with our neighbours it was like a United Nations party!  The food, the singing, the stories… wonderful.  But mostly the food!  Even now I can recall how enjoyable it was to walk down our dirt road of an evening, smelling all the exotic aromas coming from the kitchens of the houses, and to hear different languages being spoken.

And as I sat watching The Godfather, happy memories of my childhood came flooding back, (of course, there was none of the violence, shootings, threats and garrotting which made the movie so appealing!), and I found myself regretting not taking the time to learn at least one of the languages that I heard daily for many years… well, apart from the many swear words that we boys picked up around the mens’ sheds. 

So, with this in mind, I’ve decided that it’s never too late to learn, so today I’ll try to find a foreign language tutor here in Gladstone.  I can think of worse ways of spending a day off… painting for starters!

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