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Liberdee, Labordum and the Boat People

Liberdee and Labordum… Frank Hardy (Oz author, writer) used this term many years ago to describe the two major Australian political parties, as a tongue in cheek reference to how similar they had become. 

During my first ‘no news’ week, I have to admit that I haven’t really missed the election coverage, and from what I can glean off my family and friends, I’m not missing anything. 

‘Boring’ is the term that is most frequently used. 

Surprisingly, Julia the Red Queen hasn’t been a big hit with a lot of female voters in my neck of the woods, and when I ask why, it isn’t for political reasons, it’s more to do with looks (dress, hair, walk), voice, and the stabbing of KRudd. 

When I ask if they are concerned about some of the policies being touted by both sides, a shrug is all the reply I get.

“I’ll vote for the mob who stops the boats!”  Seems to be the major theme around me at the moment.  Folk are scared, emotional, or angry at boat people, and when I ask why, I get the usual tirade of cliche’s relating to terrorism, which is making me worry a little.  And the major parties appear to be doing little to allay those fears, instead their answer is to continue throwing fuel on the redneck fire, and they both seem keen to keep locking up women and children for indefinite periods.  Where’s the vision, the compassion?  Why are boat people being used as a political football?  What am I missing?!     

Anyway, as for the election… 3 more weeks of being bored by carefully controlled sound grabs, and ‘he said, she said’ comments, from the Red Queen and the Mad Monk, has more or less confirmed that continuing to avoid the news is possibly the best policy 🙂

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