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Girly Stuff

This week has been pretty busy… at times, insane, but in a ‘good’ way.  Lots of activity, running around and entertaining etc.  Some writing, some reading, and even got to see most of ‘The Godfather’ Part 1, before I lapsed into a coma last night…

So, this week, instead of raving on about me, I thought I’d focus on ‘Stuff My Kids Did This Week, Which Really Impressed Me!”  So here they are:

The Eldest Princess went above and beyond for The Littlest Princesses birthday and whipped up this Sponge Bob Squarepants cake: 

Sponge Bob Sponge Cake



 Middle Princess won a few ribbons at her school sports day (these are some of her older medals, I couldn’t find where she’d stashed the new ones…):

And the other night at work, I managed to tear my new work pants on a piece of metal sticking out off a pipe rack, and when I asked Mrs Gb to have a look at them, The Littlest Princess leaped up and down in front of me yelling, “I’ll do it!  I can do it!  Let me do it!”  She’s been doing cross stitch with Grandma, so I handed over my ‘tweeds’ and she rushed off to get her little sewing kit.  This is the result: 

Not too shabby!

So, in spite of the numerous things they did (and in some cases, didn’t) do this week, I’m still one Happy Pappy at the moment.  Gee, I love those little bats!


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