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That was the week that was…

Recently, I made the following comment to a fellow traveller:  “You know, I’d kill for a boring week!”  This isn’t entirely true, in reality, I’d only be prepared to lightly bruise.

Busy!  The Littlest Princess turns 10 today, and we threw a little shindig for her last night.  The elder Princesses have quite a few things going on as well lately, so Mrs Gb and I have been in full ‘Taxi Mode’ rushing hither and yon on children related activities.  And in between going to work, kid ferrying, and hunting for hardware, I’ve been slapping paint on walls non-stop, which has meant the house, our routines, and all our furniture has been thrown into turmoil. 

Hey, the place is looking great, but right now we’re all too tired to notice!  Which is why today I thought I’d try something different.  Today, I crawled from my bed at 4.30 am, hammered out next weeks column, put together a little list of jobs to knock over, and half an hour ago, put a very excited Littlest Princess back into her bed for another hours sleep… hopefully. 

Right now The Goon Show is playing on Radio National, and I’m having a few quiet chuckles as I type…

Which means my little change has paid off already.  I feel relaxed, in the moment, and motivated 🙂  I’m not fretting about stuff to do, stuff undone, and stuff in general.  At 6am, I’ll go wake up the Birthday Girl, and the rest of the house, and celebrate the fact that she’s officially ‘A Big Girl’ now, and maybe make some brekky for Mrs Gb before she flips on her Taxi cap and heads out for another day of commuting, while I take the dogs for a stroll. 

Today, I won’t paint. Today I’ll scribble, read, potter, and sleep, then head into work tonight rested, relaxed, and revitalised.  

The painting can wait, as I’ve just remembered that I’m not in some sort of competition.  We aren’t in the throes of a medical emergency.  No one has a gun to my head.  And the very fate of the world doesn’t depend on me slapping paint on my walls.  The only person placing a sense of urgency in my life is… Me.  Well, who’d have guessed that?!

So, the only person who can remove that sense of urgency is… wait for it… Me! 

And today, I have.  And with a bit of luck, the benefits will flow on to the rest of my busy little household.  Just in time for the weekend.  Nice 🙂


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