Good God! An Atheist!

The other day I was driving past a small church and had a quick look to see what this weeks’ message was on the ol’ changeable sign out the front, it read:

“If God doesn’t believe in Atheists, do they still exist?” 

Now, this didn’t have me rolling round on the floor laughing, but I did have a bit of a smile. 

PM Julia Gillard

Then later this week Julia announced that she is an atheist, and good on her, you don’t see a lot of church folk being this honest, especially not church going politicians.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m a little bit tired of seeing secular leaders hiding behind a veil of religion. 

In fact I’m sort of tired of all religion.  Particularly televangelists who continually fleece their faithful for $$$, or those who think it’s Gods’ will to treat women like 4th class citizens (just behind the dog and the donkey), or the happy souls trying to reach paradise by strapping explosives to themselves and going out in a blaze of holy glory.

Anyone avoiding the extremes in any religion is ok by me.  Just as long as they leave me alone; like the Amish.  I don’t want to join, and they wouldn’t let me anyway.  Perfect 🙂  They do their thing, I do mine, and if we do happen meet it will be a pleasant, uneventful, and fairly brief encounter.   

Someone who isn’t tired of religion though is Rev. Fred Nile, and Fred has created a bit of a stir this week by announcing that he wants to ban the burkha here in Oz.  So far he’s getting a fair bit of support, and a lot of it from folk who don’t particularly like Fred or what he stands for.

A question I heard recently was, “As the number of ‘Burka wearing faithful’ increase, are we in danger of having our nations’ laws changed at some point down the track so that all women have to wear the veil?” 

"Smile!" 'Click'

I don’t know, although I hope not, I’ve got three beautiful daughters who enjoy a certain amount of freedom at the moment, I’d hate to see them, or their daughters, stifled by such a law in the future. 

Anyway, with Julia in the top job, I’m sure we’ll enter a period of peace and tranquility for a short time.  Religious factions will stop duking it out with eachother and come to a shaky peace accord in order to deal with the greatest threat to any religion:  The Atheist.

And once all the free thinking, questioning, science loving, godless, liberal types are dealt with (permanently), then they can go back to fighting eachother again for the title of: 

“The One True Religion”.  (Oh, We Are The Holiest!  Yeah!  Fist punch for God!)   

As the professor in the Woody Allen film ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’ stated, “Do you know, if and when Jesus comes back, He’s going to spend two weeks vomiting when He see’s what’s being done in His name.”

Maybe John Lennon was onto something, ‘Imagine’ that….

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