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“You may call it washing up, I call it foreplay!”

It’s been a big week for Work / Life Balance issues… my next column deals with topic of Women at Work after a couple of chance meetings & discussions in the past week, and on top of that, the issue of men and womens’ roles, and the delicate balancing of aging, was raised in Shrek 4, and Adam Sandlers latest movie, “Grown Ups” (although I’m certain the topic will be dealt with in a very immature and unfunny way if I’m any judge of this morons’ movies.  Fart jokes and poor bedroom perfomance jibes will no doubt rule the day). 

Anyway, today I was up to my armpits painting the hallway, and in the background Radio National was filling the silence of the house.  Today’s Life Matters programme had an interesting discussion involving a group of people who were discussing a competition for ‘the mentally sexy dad’.  You can view the details here: 


The sexy new look for men!

Much of the discussion centred around stay at home dads, (one of the great regrets of my life), and how they took on extra duties around the house as mum toddled off to work.  It sounds like a fulfilling life, and many of the stay at home dads were writers, and they were able to still attend to the childrens and home duties, but also found time to be creative. 

It was fascinating listening, and I found myself agreeing with a lot of the comments on the show, particularly after hearing about a bloke who was so wonderful that the host, Richard Aedy, suggested that the rest of us men form a posse and hunt him down 🙂

Some of the comments gave me food for thought: 

Have clear expectations.  Know what eachothers’ roles are.  Help eachother out.

Women often wonder why their men can’t ‘see’ what needs to be done.  Men, once they are aware of what jobs need doing, prefer to make a list then tackle the job at hand.  Multi-tasking is not their forte’.

Men are still expected to work outside, pick up more of the inside work, but often don’t find that reciprocated.  Outside remains ‘Dads Domain’ apparently.

Men who do more housework free up time for their wives to relax more, and this defuses a lot of resentment, and leads to more ‘bedroom time’. 

But the gold medal went to the woman caller whose comment is the title for todays’ blog, “You may call it washing up, I call it foreplay!” 

I’m still smiling 🙂


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