Shrek 4 – In 3D, but not in Gladstone…

Just the usual chaos in a house full of children...

Last Sunday night I raced home from work, threw the pushie into the garage, tossed The Littlest Princess into the bath, dived into the shower, shovelled down a quick meal, galloped out to the car, rushed back into the house, grabbed The Littlest Princess, slung her into the car, then drove at legal speeds (while tapping on the steering wheel and muttering at the red lights) up to the cinema.  We got the trainee assistant, which meant a slightly longer wait in line, and my damned card didn’t work, so there was some stuffing about there, but with seconds to spare we slumped into our seats and prepared to watch the final instalment of the Jolly Green Giant films, Shrek 4.

"What do you mean the toilet's backed up again?! I just finished fixing it!"

Not far into the start of the film it dawned on me that Shreks’ family life was not dissimilar to mine…  marital / family duties had reduced his ‘me time’ to next to nothing, and he was pining for his old life.  Given the chance to return to his old life for a day by Rumplestiltskin, Shrek jumped at the chance… unfortunately there was one slight catch. 

Anyway, I won’t ruin it for you, but you’ll have guessed by now that the movie had a happy ending.  Was anyone surprised?! 🙂 

Not a bad yarn, and it probably would have been a novelty to have watched it in 3D, but this feature wasn’t an option.  We sort of live in the ‘boonies’ when it comes to the latest fads, fashions, and fiascos.  After the movie, TLP and I sat alone watching the credits, and I asked her, “Well, what did you think?”  She nodded, “It was alright.  Can we buy the DVD?”  So, that gets a 4 tiny Princess thumbs up from her.  I too, thought that I could sit through it again, so it gets a 3 thumbs and a little finger from me. 

Driving home, listening to TLP chatting away, I knew how Shrek felt.  Sometimes it would be nice to be on your own, but not all the time…


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3 responses to “Shrek 4 – In 3D, but not in Gladstone…

  1. Nice – yes I have a TLP also and get quite shattered by the demands of parenthood, but they are the greatest thing in the world really. Sometimes when my family goes out for the day and I work at home, I love it, but if they don’t come back before dark, I start to feel empty and the thought strikes me that it would suck to have too much “me time” again.

    • gladbloke

      Hiya Seamus, and Welcome to Sunny Qld 🙂

      Too much ‘me time’ = one ‘unhappy pappy’, and generally one overworked mum!



  2. At least we’re never lonely…

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