Mondays’ Column – Fun on the Water 14.6.10

This column appeared the day after a big fishing event in our local area, the Boyne / Tannum Hookup 

For some reason, I always seem to be rostered on when this event is held, and getting time off over the Queens Birthday weekend is nearly as hard as trying to get Xmas Day off 🙂  But, as you will soon see, I’m not too unhappy with this situation…

"Hang on, I'll be right back... heh, heh, heh!"

Whoever came up with the saying, “My worst day fishing was still better than my best day at work!” should come fishing with me sometime. 

Over the years I’ve had a lot of fun on the water, but there have been other times when my life has turned into a waking nightmare, eg: like discovering what a horror story our harbours’ North entrance can be when a big tide is roaring out with the wind howling behind it.

Or when as a young teen, after swearing on a stack of Bibles to remain in the confines of the Calliope River, I immediately captained my tiny dinghy across a glassy harbour to Tide Island.  After catching a few fish I pulled up for a feed on an empty beach, and a couple of hours later snapped awake absolutely mortified to see the channel full of ‘white horses’.

Gritting my teeth I puttered into the maelstrom and was soon completely out of my depth.  Unable to turn back, I began to panic as my little boat started filling with water.  Whimpering, I draped on every life jacket I owned then started bailing.  Rash promises were made to God, all of which were promptly forgotten when I floated into the calm waters behind the Clinton coal wharf.  Gee, those fish tasted extra good that night. 

And even in the sheltered waters of Auckland Creek I managed to get into trouble.  My brother and I were holding the boat at the ramp while Dad fetched the car and trailer, when we had a small domestic dispute.  The old man returned just in time to see his beloved runabout drifting down the creek with me clinging to its’ side, while my brother stood on the ramp laughing his head off. 

As disaster loomed, I managed to clamber into the boat and manoeuvre it back to the ramp where the returning hero was greeted by a wild eyed, one man reception committee.  Drinkers at the Yachties offered some cheerful advice as my brother and I copped a well deserved booting.  Yes, happy days.

 More fun was to follow over the years, some of which I’m still getting therapy for.  So to all you folk who were out on the water this weekend I hope you had a safe, fun, and memorable time.  But if you had a shocker, then there’s always next year, and perhaps you might want to join me… at work.

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