Gladstone Regional Council – On the Money, and Saving Money

The birth of the new Super Councils around our State was touted as a way of improving efficiency, better service delivery and decreasing unnecessary spending – which, as many would have had us believe, was going to save the ratepayer money… Ha. Ha. Ha.

Charges went up for pretty much everything, and fees were introduced for things which were once free, with the promise of more fees and price hikes in the future to pay for all the almagamations.  Great. 

BUT, some changes were made to our streets which I must admit has made our town look much nicer.  For example, last December, the GRC pulled out all the old, withered, stressed trees from the traffic islands near our home, and started to upgrade them.  7 months later, they finished the job (photo’s to be published at a later date!)

This is an example of some of their work uptown.  Not too shabby:

Then there is the other side of the coin.  Nearby, is a cutting where large rocks have been falling off the embankments, and rolling onto the footpaths.  There are a large number of pedestrians who use this pathway, including a slightly overweight bloke and his wife’s two dogs, who are in danger of getting struck by one of these boulders. 

The Gladstone Observer did an article on the dangers, with photographs, and our council leapt into action.  This was the result.

Pedestrians are still in danger of being struck by rocks, but now the council is legally not responsible because they have put up ‘a sign’.  I can easily imagine someone at council HQ wiping their brow and announcing, “Close thing that, we could have been sued!”

We continue to watch with amused interest…

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