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Mondays’ Column – Organ Donation 7.6.10

We Australians have an enviable record for punching well above our weight in just about anything you care to name, and good on us.  So, can someone please explain to me why we are at the bottom of the list when it comes to organ donation?  I don’t want to alarm any of you unnecessarily, but the Spanish are wiping the floor with us.  That’s right, the Spanish! 

And here in Oz, it’s the South Australians who are topping the organ donor volunteer list.  My fellow Queenslanders, this is a deplorable state of affairs and it’s time we showed the rest of the country what we are made of, and then let them have some of what we are made of. 

Folks, let me make this clear, after you die, your organs are totally useless to you, and over two thousand of our fellow Aussies need our help, so once you’ve finished with your bits, let someone else have a shot at using them and we’ll get to see just how big hearted you really are.      

Recently we had ‘the talk’ about my wish to be an organ donor, and Long Suffering Wife was a bit worried, “What if you’re in a situation where the Doctors are flipping a coin to decide between saving your life, or letting you die so they can use your organs?” 

“Look,” I replied, “if I’m in that bad a state, then let them take what they want!”  I’m no hero, in fact I’m terrified of winding up in a coma, or worse, bed bound, stuck watching endless hours of daytime TV and unable to change channels. 

So, register online, then tell your family, as it’s likely that they’ll be making the vital final call for you.  In fact, tell your Doctor, your workmates, your neighbours, in fact, everyone you know; even Auntie Doris who stiffed you a present at Christmas last year. 

I would also urge you to take the time to look after yourself, get a little exercise, give up the smokes, and watch what you eat and drink, because the last thing we need is more people swelling the organ donor waiting list.  And take care when you’re out and about, particularly around me, because even though I’m quite happy to donate my organs, I’d like to get a little more use out of them before I do.


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