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Confessions of a Shopaholic, or, Getting Depression Watching a Shopaholic

Yesterday, the Eldest Princess was laid up getting over her wisdom teeth extraction, so she popped on a movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic. 

I tuned in for the first 20 minutes, but was struggling watching the heroine, Isla Fisher, use three or four different credit cards to pay for a $120 scarf.  That’s right, a scarf :O  I managed to stay seated through that encounter, but couldn’t get past the scene in her room of racks and racks of clothes, bags, gew gaws, trinkets, and other over priced, over hyped, ‘stuff’, or as I term it, ‘crap’.  At this point I decided to go for a walk, play my guitar, repaint the car, or just do anything rather than sit in my loungeroom watching a woman drowning in debt. 

Then later, as I passed through the room on my way ‘to somewhere else’, I overheard a character mention that she was $9000 in debt.  I smiled to myself, and thought, ‘Well, there are probably people who watched this movie and wished that they were ‘only’ in debt for that amount!’ 

Basically, I found it hard to laugh at someone who obviously has a problem with hoarding, shopping, and getting high on sales.  Materialism and conspicuous consumption are out of control in todays’ society, and it is plain we’ve learned nothing from the GFC. 

Maybe I missed out on a good movie, I kind of like Isla’s work, soI’ve decided to watch it again, but this time I’ll have a few beers under my belt, just to ease the pain… hopefully it does have a happy ending… unlike the current world situation? : )


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